Egyptian limestone stele with worship scene, Kingdom of Meroe, 3rd-1st century B.C.

This Egyptian limstone stele is divided into three horizontal registers made with the high relief technique. The lower register is decorated with a band based on horizontal lines incised into the stone. In the intermediate register a narrative scene can be observed with the presence of three figures: it seems to be a scene of worship of two characters, possibly gods, to a central figure that could be a pharaoh since he is wearing the double crown. On the left is the goddess Sejmet, depicted as a woman with a lion's head and wearing the characteristic headdress that represents her. Sejmet is a warrior goddess, carrier of plagues and epidemics. On the right, with human body and crocodile head, crowned by the Atef crown, is represented the god Sobek, god of fertility, vegetation and life. Both are performing a kind of ritual on the central figure, possibly as a protection. The figures are framed by a temple with columns closed by a pediment decorated with a winged solar disk. Finally, the third decorative registers, is the most deteriorated part because of the breakage of the stone. However, a carved decoration can be seen in the form of balusters that form an ornamental band.


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