Egyptian wood sculpture of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, Saite period, 26th dinasty, 664-525 B.C.

This magnificent statue is the compendium of the Egyptian religious mentality. It unites three gods, the three focused on the funerary field. The god Ptah was a creator god, while the deities Sokar and Osiris were intended for the funerary environment, darkness, fertility and resurrection. This unified deity arose in the Middle Empire, although it was not until late times that it was normalised and enjoyed a special devotion, perhaps associated with the return to the worship of the first Memphite gods. This deity, and therefore his sculptures, are usually represented mumiform, with a human head and a headdress formed by two sinuous horns from which two athef feathers and a solar disk come out. These sculptures usually carry a kind of case or compartment in a base on which a papyrus could be deposited with some prayer from the book of the dead, some mummified part of the deceased, such as the penis, or even a substitute for the mummy made with vegetation. Without any doubt a beautiful piece, with a spectacular conservation and a great religious load.  


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