Greek terracotta figure of “Aphrodite” and “Eros”, 100 B.C

The ancient Greeks were great sculptors, forerunners of the sinuosity of the human body and of contrapuntal postures that gave the body wonderful movement and theatrical stability. This sculpture represents the goddess Aphrodite with Eros, both standing on a pedestal. The goddess Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, of love, protector of fertility. The Greek beauty icon equated to the goddess Venus in Ancient Rome. On his side, Eros or Cupid, is the son of Aphrodite and is the god of love and sexual attraction. It is a very classic sculpture that presents us with the goddess in counterpoint with a perfect study of the anatomy, thanks to the fallen hymathione that leaves half of the body uncovered. The faces of both show idealized profiles, in the case of Eros with a curly mane and in that of Aphrodite with the typical Greek bow with gathered curls.


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