Apulian Pottery Red-figure amphora attributed to the Wolfenbüttel Painter, Circa 350-325 B.C.

Of slender Panathenaic form, the decoration enlivened with added white and ochre, showing on side (a) an Ionic naiskos scene, a nude warrior in white seated within, holding a spear in his left hand, a pilos helmet in his right, flanked on the left by a nude male figure, his drapery over his left arm, holding a wreath and a patera, and on the right by a draped female figure holding a wreath and a mirror, side (b) showing two himation-clad youths, holding staffs with a diptych above, elaborate palmettes beneath the handles, set on a baseline of meander, with a band of wave pattern on the front shoulder, strokes on the tall neck with wave pattern and palmettes above, berried laurel in white on the exterior rim.


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