Bronze amulet in form of goat, Luristan (Iran), 900-700 B.C.

The bronzes of Luristan are one of the most impressive facets of the Persian Empire, their mastery and variety, as well as the good condition in which they have arrived, have made them one of the archaeological evidences of this culture. In this case it is a bronze amulet in the form of a goat. They are called Luristan bronzes because it is there where large quantities have been found, made in the Iron Age, and assimilated safely with the Persian Empire. The typologies are very varied, from weapons, tools, accessories for horses, or as in this case, a standard, with cylindrical structure and its own support. The pieces are not very heavy as they were transhumant peoples, animal lovers, represented in a real and mythological way, as well as great fighters and defenders of their territory. It can be said that this art was a functional craft, embellished their lives and customs.


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