Bracelet with garnets and two ambar beads. Gold. 3rd-2nd century B.C.

The anthropocentric concept of Ancient Greece leads to the development of arts parallel to the common ones such as sculpture or architecture. Jewellery is born from the need to beautify the body, to enhance the human figure and its value, to seek beauty through the perfection of forms. The solutions in terms of goldsmithing techniques are increasingly sophisticated, specializing in filigree, union of threads, in this case gold, forming closures, material effects and various decorations. This closed cane bracelet, with a side opening, is characterized by its elegance and simple detailing. With a rigid and simple body part, it contrasts with the decoration by means of two garnets in cabochon with closed setting on a rhomboidal base and two spherical amber beads. It is undoubtedly easy to imagine it in the hand of any courtesan of ancient Greece, as it has not lost its beauty.


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