Egyptian bronze cat sculpture, representing the goddess “Bastet”, Late Period, 664-332 B.C.

The cat Bastet, is a goddess of great importance that was described in the Texts of the Pyramids as a dangerous feline, but also as a wet nurse of the pharaohs. The cult of Bastet reached great importance during the Lower Epoch and the Greco-Roman period. In the first place because the pharaohs of the XXII and XXIII dynasties were recognized as sons of the goddess in whose city, Bubastis, originally had its capital and second because the Greeks identified it with the goddess Artemis and spread their worship throughout the Mediterranean. Made of bronze, we can see the goddess Bastet displaying her most famous form of representation; a cat sitting on her hindquarters, with her tail carefully gathered next to the right leg, which protects the mother and child of the house.


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