Egyptian limestone “Amimpyptahenhau” sculpture, Ancient Kingdom, 6th dinasty

A statuette sculpted by lowering a block of limestone from the inner lining of a mastaba, must have originally been integrated into a group of several of them aligned in a frieze representing the owner of the tomb. Fragmentation of the lower legs, erosion and lack of paint are surely due to the action of water. The statuette depicts a male character in a hieratic position, with arms outstretched along the sides and hands closed with thumbs outstretched as a symbol of respect for the gods of the beyond. The dress (only the straight-cut smooth skirt) and the wig (short) indicate that we are in front of a character of a certain social rank, probably medium, because it lacks jewelry and profuse decoration. His identity is indicated by a hieroglyphic inscription engraved in a single vertical register on the right arm.


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