Egyptian linen cover for the deceased Harpakhem, Late Period-Roman Period, 664 B.C. – 200 A.D.

This linen covering belongs to a set of nine bandages from the same mummy, which, thanks to the inscriptions on these bandages, has been identified as Harpakhem. The bandages come from the same sheet made of pure linen, which provides a robust but flexible texture. The inscriptions are made with a black ink that is well preserved since the scribe did not change his brush at any time, so the bandages did not suffer the corrosive effect of too thick ink. On this bandage number 7, a chain of epithets of the goddess Sejmet belonging to chapter 164 is written. These epithets refer to Sejmet as the snake-ureus at the top of the sun-well. This epithet reads as follows: "Hail, Sekhmet-Ra-Bast, head of the gods, winged, to whom the bandages 'Ans' have given the magic power! You, oh Goddess, who have been crowned with the diadems of the South and the North, unique sovereign of your Father, who no God submits to you, owner of the great magical power".


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