Egyptian terracotta item with the representation of the god “Sobek”, Late Period, 600 B.C.

Sobek, a crocodile god, god of fertility, vegetation and life, but also known as "the creator of the Nile" and protector against dangers on the Nile river. His importance grew in the First Intermediate Period when he began to be merged with the god Horus. This syncretism with Horus is due to one of the versions of the myth of Osiris, where it is said that he collaborated in the birth of Horus and helped to destroy Seth, who hid in the body of a crocodile in order to escape without punishment for his crime. In subsequent periods another merger arose, with the god Ra and its importance was maintained until the last dynasty of Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt. From this last period, we have mummified crocodiles that confirm their importance in the world of ancient Egypt.


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