Funerary polycrome terracotta mask with the fingerprints of the artisan, Late Period, 664-332 B.C.

Funeral masks were used in ancient Egypt to cover and beautify the mummified body of wealthy people. With these faces, they ensured that their soul would recognize their body after abandoning it in mummification. These protections had their origin in the plundering that was carried out at the time by looters or plunderers, so that even if the mummy's face was damaged the soul could be guided by the masked face. Mask of Egyptian sarcophagus in terracotta with serene look of soft red earthy color, it conserves numerous remains of polychromy and in the later part, can be seen the holes in which would go inserted the tacos of wood by means of which it was united to the box or sarcophagus to later be covered with stucco covering the cracks, being finally polychromium-plated.    


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