Greek polychrome terracotta amphora, 11th-8th century B.C.

Amphora with annular base, pyriform body, wide neck, rounded lip and U-shaped bilateral handles. Classic Cypriot geometric decoration in ochre tones. The patterns comprise wide, narrow bands that envelop the surface. This magnificent vessel is part of one of the most recognized and decorative artistic styles from all over the ancient world. The decoration of this amphora follows the Cypriot patterns because the horizontal lines and bands would have been made with a brush kept on the piece while it turns on the lathe. Amphorae are fusiform ceramic vessels with two handles and the narrowest neck generally, although in some cultures they have been developed in metal or other materials. They being used to transport liquids and food, as well as yo store them. They could contain al least 25 to 30 liters, its shape being variable depending on whether it carried wine, oil, salting, cereals or other food.


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