Kylix for wine decorated with femenine figure, vegetal and geometrical motifs. Red-figure Pottery. 4th century B.C.

A Kylix was a type of container, similar to a cup or chalice, with two handles to hold it with both hands. Normally these containers were intended for Greek festivities, so they were used for drinking wine. The decoration of these pieces is usually idle, as they could be appreciated when drinking. In this case we find a woman, who seems to be in movement, with her arms open and holding some containers. The rest of the decoration is vegetal motifs, highlighting a border of bay leaves. Also on the outside are plant motifs such as palm trees and two female portraits associated with beauty and festivities. This is undoubtedly one of the best preserved examples of these pieces, observing it we can go back to any festive and idle bacchanal of Ancient Greece.


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