Mesopotamian terracotta bird shaped whistle, 1000 B.C.

This small whistle made of terracotta has been modelled by hand with special interest in the different parts of the bird such as the head, the tail and the beak. It is a simple modeling combined with incised lines that mark the mouth and eyes. In its interest it contains a small ball that when turning impelled by the air introduced by an end would be the one that would produce the sound of the whistle. Possibly it was a toy for children, although its use in some ritual could not be discarded. The first millennium B.C. was a turbulent period for all the peoples of the Mesopotamian region, being the time when the kingdom of Babylon regained its splendor under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar I and later with Nebuchadnezzar II. With these rulers, Babylon established itself as an important power in the Near East, even posing a threat to Egypt itself. The political and territorial renaissance would translate into commercial and artistic splendour, which explains the abundance of archaeological material.


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