Roman terracotta oil lamp decorated with erotic scene, Ancient Rome, 1st-2nd century A.D.

Oil lamps, also called chandeliers or lucernas, are used by various ancient civilizations, from prehistoric to ancient Egyptians to the present day. The lucerna is a container full of oil from which a wick is placed through a ledge that is turned on, bringing light to the home. Many theories point out that in addition to being used daily in houses they could also be used in funerary rituals. Among the materials used as fuel, the most common was olive oil, although mixtures of fish oil with animal viscera, oil with crushed nuts and even other types of oils such as castor oil were used. While as a wick used to use dry vegetable fibers or wicks made of animal hair. The skylights are one of the best archaeological proofs that we preserve with respect to the Roman excavations. This skylight, with a rounded shape and magnificent details with the sex scene, is one of the best examples we can find of Roman skylight.


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