Persian achaemenid bronze lotus phiale, 800 B.C.

The Persian Empire was eminently conqueror, in addition to resisting the sieges that other great powers tried to produce. The objects they made are not very heavy because they were transhumant people, animal lovers, represented in a real and mythological way. A territory that was in constant struggle produces an innumerable quantity of pieces related to armament, as much for people as for animals. The difficulty that we find when locating pieces of daily use or burials is their displacement, so that not being settled in a stable and constant, the remains are disseminated. The Persian work of metals was wonderful, delicate and very select, for the best offerings and rituals. These silver plates used to be used as libation plates. Their casting is magnificent, with an omphalos in the center, which protrudes from the inside. It is also magnificently ornamented with petals that end up forming a delicate flower.


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