Roman glazed ceramic skyphos pot, 1st century B.C – 1st century A.D.

A skyphos is a deep cup of wine with two handles and a base low and wide, or without base. The handles are small and horizontal, projected from the edge, or in the shape of a loop that is placed on the edge or protruding from the base. There is a typology of this glass called glaux (owl) that has a horizontal handle and the other vertical. They were also made with precious metals. <! - more -> This type of glazed pieces are especially laborious since they had to apply the glaze and proceed to a second firing to fix it. We find a decoration based on bacchic motifs and heads of Silenus. This piece is unique as it masterfully conserves both exterior and interior color, which allows us to appreciate it as the ancient Romans would have enjoyed it.


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