Roman gold ring, 2nd – 3rd century A.D.

The world of jewelry since ancient times has been linked to a certain status. Both men and women liked to surround themselves with luxury and used precious materials. However, while men used it into their life in general, such as in their homes´ decoration, women were the only ones who wore jewelry, with the exception of a ring in the male case. <! - more-- > The Roman jewelry reached a development never seen before and not surpassed until the Renaissance. Imperial Rome was the world center of jewelery, importing large quantities of stones and precious materials. The initial style of his works was typically Greek or Etruscan, but soon he developed his own style, ornate and ostentatious, set of precious stones, opus interassile, true mosaic of small stones on a support of gold or silver. Another specialty of Roman jewelery was the carving of gems, with its quoted notches, incisions and bas-relief and especially its cameos, carved on agate and onyx, stones with layers of different colors that, once polished, produced an effect of depth and polychrome. His main themes were portraits.


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