Bronze seal decorated with two bird heads, Luristan (Iran), 800 B.C.

This seal has a flared shape and its upper part is decorated with two bird heads that border a central handle that would possibly be used to introduce a string that would allow it to be worn around the neck for quick access to this seal. The bronzes of Luristan are one of the most impressive facets of this town. The typologies are very varied, from weapons, tools, accessories for horses, or as in this case, a standard, with a cylindrical structure and its own support. The pieces are not very heavy since they were transhumant peoples, animal lovers, represented in a real and mythological way. It can be said that this art was a functional craft, they embellished their lives and their customs. The region of Luristan (Iran) is an area where systematic excavations have been carried out since the beginning of the 1920s, excavating in funerary and religious contexts and in deposits. The name Luristan means "Land of the Lur" and is a mountainous region located in western Iran. Early metal objects were obtained by the double procedure of the lost wax technique and the bivalve mould. The people of Luristan had a perfect command of metallurgical technology and an incredible artistic sense, both of which they preserved from generation to generation. The preservation of the local tradition for centuries was probably possible thanks to the survival of the funeral ritual and the beliefs that gave meaning to these bronze objects.


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