Egyptian T-shaped wooden comb, Coptic period, 4th century B.C.

For the care of natural hair and wigs, the Egyptians had instruments that, although rudimentary, perfectly fulfilled the function for which they were intended. Their combs were generally made of bone, ivory or wood, and some were double, i.e. with separate combs for combing and untangling, while others were very dense. This makes us think of some combs that some people have seen in our houses in the past, and that were given the curious name of "lendreras". And they effectively served to pull out the nits attached to the hair. In the case of these Egyptian combs their use could very well have been the same. Although to comb the natural hair they had to use combs of separated spikes. Let's not forget that their natural hair had to be curly and the separate pins would pull less of the hair.


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