Terracotta vessel decorated with vegetal forms and zoomorphic figures, Indus Valley, 2500 B.C.

There are ancient civilizations of which although thousands of years have passed, we know a lot about their culture, society and customs, either because of the archaeological remains or because of the monuments they have left us. This is not the case of the mysterious culture of the Indus Valley, a culture that developed in the vicinity of the Indus River, in the current lands of India and Pakistan. Today it is believed that there may have been settlements since 6000 BC, although its boom, as well as its main cities such as Mohenjo-Daro. As for their religious customs, pieces have reached us to this day destined to offerings for fertility petitions and as votive offerings. This container, which conserves a wonderful polychromy, is decorated with vegetal forms and diverse zoomorphic figures. This type of vases would be used in a ritual way, because their polychromy indicates that they would not be of daily use. They probably belonged to the funerary trousseau.


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