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Ancient Egyptian Bronze Figure of Ptah, 26th Dynasty, 672 to 525 BC.

Conservation:  Minor chips at feet else intact
Material:  Bronze
Dimensions:  12 cm / 16 cm on stand
Provenance:  Ex Private NYC Collection, Ex Freshman Gallery Tel Aviv Israel 1960’s / Palmyra Heritage Gallery, New York , USA, 2022
Exhibited:  45th edition of Feriarte (Ifema), Madrid, November 12th-20th, 2022


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Fine cast bronze standing god Ptah, depicted with fisted hands, holding a Staff. Ptah is one of the creator gods of the Egyptian cosmogonies, therefore, one of the most important of their mythology in relation to the creation of the universe. Normally, Ptah is usually represented in human form. He usually wears a kind of helmet attached to his head. Sometimes he appears in mammiform form; sometimes he is represented mummified part of his body, and sometimes with his legs together and with a scepter held in his hands. This scepter combines three symbols: the symbol of life Ank, the symbol of the column of Osiris Djed, and also the symbol of power, or Was scepter.

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