Ancient Roman Glass yellow flask with blue handles, Circa 300 AD

Material:  Glass
Conservation:  Earthy patina and slightly damaged on the underside
Material:  Glass
Dimensions:  18,5 x10 cm
Provenance:  Archaeological Gallery, Israel, 2006. Export authorization from the Israel Antiquities Authority No. 2921 with date 20/04/2006 / This piece is accompanied by an export certificate from the Spanish Ministry of Culture No. 2020/01682 with date 13/03/2020 and certificate of authenticity.
Exhibited:  Ifergan Collection, Málaga (2018-2020)
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This yellowish-coloured glass flask has a globular body and an elongated neck. The two parts are joined by two delicate handles made of bright blue glass. With a versatility unlike any other material known in Roman times, the abundant availability, lightness and ease of use of glass allowed for the imitation of a wide range of other materials, especially precious metals.

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