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Ancient Roman Marble cinerary urn, Circa 1st Century AD

Conservation:  Good condition
Material:  Marble
Dimensions:  28 x 18 x 23 cm / 20 kg
Provenance:  Ex. Leo Biaggi de Blasys 1974 Lausanne, Switzerland; Ex. Mark Möller, Berlin, Germany 1994; Ex. Catherine Deprez, Bruges, Belgium 2014; Swiss Private Collection, Lugano, 2022


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The cinerary urns were vessels, usually made of terracotta or marble, intended to contain the ashes of the deceased after they had been cremated. The 1st century AD belongs to the period known as High Imperial Rome, i.e. the period of splendour of the Roman Empire. It was a flourishing period thanks to the rise to power of Augustus, who promoted powerful changes in the Empire that had repercussions on Roman art.

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