Ancient Roman Marble head of goddess Venus, Circa 100-200 AD

Material:  Marble
Conservation:  Damaged cheek and nose; cream-coloured patina
Material:  Marble
Dimensions:  12 x 8 cm
Provenance:  Archaeological Gallery, Israel, 2008. Export authorization from the Israel Antiquities Authority No. 10366 with date 03/09/2008 / This piece is accompanied by an export certificate from the Spanish Ministry of Culture No. 2020/04383 with date 23/07/2020 and certificate of authenticity.
Exhibited:  Ifergan Collection, Málaga (2018-2020)
6.000 €
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Female head depicting the goddess Venus with her face turned to her left. The goddess has an oval face with parted lips, a straight nose and wide almond-shaped eyes below finely arched eyebrows. The goddess has a hairstyle of wavy hair parted centrally and gathered at the back in a bun.

Venus in Roman mythology and Aphrodite in Greek mythology is the goddess of love, lust and beauty. She was a goddess known for her beauty and infidelities, as well as for her wrath and curses when someone offended or honoured her.

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