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Attic red-figured kylix decorated with a horse, Circa 500 BC

Conservation:  Restored
Material:  Terracotta
Dimensions:  23 cm diam / 9 cm height
Provenance:  Daaf De haan 1984 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Acquired by Cree Holt 2005 Liverpool, UK. Julie Lemaire acquired by the previous owner in 2012 Brussels, Belgium
Documents:  Attached thermoluminiscence test (TL)


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A Kylix was a type of vessel, similar to a goblet or chalice, with two handles so that it could be held with both hands. These vessels were usually intended for Greek festivities and were therefore used for drinking wine. This Attic kylix, made in ceramic using the red-figure technique, is decorated inside with a circular tondo with a horse.

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