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Byzantine fibula with representation of St. Demetrius, Silver-plated copper, 7th-8th century A.D.

Conservation:  Good condition
Material:  Silver-plated copper
Dimensions:  4 cm of diameter
Provenance:  Archaeological Gallery, Spain, 2014


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Fibulas are metallic pieces that were used to hold and join garments. We can assimilate them to a current buckle or safety pin. In addition, the needle with which they hold the garment is covered by a copper plate embellished with a religious representation. The Byzantine people are one of the forerunners of ornamentation in these fibulas, creating true works of art in the buckles. The image we can see on the front face is the martyr St. Demetrius, whose two main attributes are the spear and the shield, which are also represented in the scene. A small piece with a great religious load and a magnificent artistic work.

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