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Corinthian Alabastron decorated with animals, Circa 600 BC

Conservation:  Good condition
Material:  Terracotta
Dimensions:  18 cm
Provenance:  Daaf De haan 1984 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Acquired by Cree Holt 2005 Liverpool, UK. Julie Lemaire acquired by the previous owner in 2012 Brussels, Belgium
Documents:  Attached thermoluminiscence test (TL)


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This alabastron is decorated with horizontal bands and a frieze of animals on the lower half, alternating with black and red paint. The item has a body that extends downwards into a flat, slightly flaring base, and upwards into a narrow neck and a wide, protruding rim. There is a small handle in this flat area. The animals in the lower half are unclear as to species, but all are in the same identical pose.

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