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Daunian Bichrome Bell Krater with Vegetal Motif, Apulia, circa 5th-4th Century BC.

Conservation:  Repaired
Material:  Terracotta
Dimensions:  19,5 cm high
Provenance:  K. J. Hewett, Kent 1975; Michael Shaw acquired in London 1991; acquired by Mr. Emiel Kusters from the above in 2006, Amsterdam


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A Daunian ceramic krater with a large, rounded body, a wide funnel-shaped rim and two raised handles, all on a flaring pedestal foot. The entire form is covered with linear bands and horizontal registers of hand-painted vegetal motifs in shades of cream and orange.

Daunian pottery was hand-formed rather than thrown on a potter’s wheel. They consisted of earth-coloured red, brown or black applied with decoration. On them were painted diamonds, triangles, circles, crosses, squares, arches, swastikas and other art forms.


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