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Daunian pottery kyathos, Circa 500-400 BC

Conservation:  Repaired
Material:  Terracotta
Dimensions:  9,5 x 14.5 cm
Provenance:  K. J. Hewett, Kent 1975; Michael Shaw acquired in London 1991; acquired by Mr. Emiel Kusters from the above in 2006, Amsterdam.


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The vessel is a round bowl with tall single-strap handle. The body is decorated with black concentric bands, a geometric-style human figure in the center of the tondo, and a cross motif on the bottom.

Daunian pottery was produced mainly in the regional production centers of Ordona and Canosa di Puglia, beginning around 700 B.C. Early paintings on the pottery show the vessels with geometric patterns. The pottery was hand-formed, rather than thrown on a potter’s wheel. They consisted of red, brown or black earthen color applied with decoration. On them were painted diamonds, triangles, circles, crosses, squares, arches, swastikas and other art forms.

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