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Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period, Circa 664-332 B.C.

Conservation:  Damaged
Material:  Bronze
Dimensions:  20 cm with stand
Provenance:  Ex Helger Deikner Collection, 1983; Ex German Auction, 2021; Spanish Gallery, J.V., Madrid, 2022
Exhibited:  Feriarte, Madrid, 12th-20th November 2022


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This figure represents the god Osiris standing on a rectangular base, with his hands coming out of his cloak and holding the staff and flail, he wears a braided beard with a curled tip, a wide beaded necklace and the atef crown with plumes and uraeus.

Osiris, one of the fundamental gods for the Egyptian mentality and everyday life, his story of persecution, murder and resurrection marked the funerary ideology for the ancient Egyptians. The god of the dead, of fertility associated with agriculture and the resurgence of the Nile on its silt, the god of the resurrection of the dead, the one who was to grant them passage to eternal life, the fields of Osiris or Iauru.

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