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Egyptian faience large ushebti, Late Period, 664-332 B.C.

Conservation:  Somewhat washed out, minor chipping to nose, beard and hoe. Base stabilized
Material:  Greenish faience
Dimensions:  23 cm
Provenance:  Ex collection K.M., Hanau, since before 1970; Auction 292, December 2022, Munich (Germany).
Documents:  Attached thermoluminescence test (TL)


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Slender, mummy-shaped ushebti made of greenish faience with back pillar, wig, beard, hand plow and hoe.

The ushebtis are small mummiform figurines that represented the deceased himself, whose name means “those who respond”, as they would carry out the work ordered by their lord in the afterlife.

The ancient Egyptians believed in the magic of sculptures and words, so for them these magical figures would accompany them to their eternal life and once there they would come to life and serve them faithfully.

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