Egyptian wooden headrest, New Kingdom, circa 1567-1085 B.C

Material:  Wood
Conservation:  Repaired
Material:  wood
Dimensions:  15,5 x 23 cm
Provenance:  Former American private collection, 1980 / Galerie R. Eberwein (GmbH), Germany, 2015 / This piece is accompanied by an export certificate from the Spanish Ministry of Culture No. 2020/03618 with date 19/06/2020 and certificate of authenticity.
Exhibited:  Ifergan Collection, Málaga (2018-2020)
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Simple in line, it is an object of use, as most funerary headrests were decorated with gods to protect the holder in times of sleep, as well as inscriptions with names and titles of the deceased, or more elaborate chiselling.

This example is, being of an appropriate size for its function, an object of daily use. Its arched shape to support the head not only ensures a relatively comfortable position while sleeping, but also allows air to circulate around the head, an added advantage in Egypt’s hot and dusty climate. Still, because of its rigidity it is thought to be more for votive use.

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