Canosan Polychrome terracotta thymiaterion, Circa 4th Century B.C.

Material:  Terracotta
Conservation:  In a good state of preservation.
Material:  Terracotta
Dimensions:  34,3 cm
Provenance:  Belgian private collection, formed in the 1970s-80s / Bonhams London, Auction, 2014 (Lot No. 409) / This piece is accompanied by an export certificate from the Spanish Ministry of Culture No. 2020/03005 with date 18/05/2020 and certificate of authenticity.
Documents:  Thermoluminiscence test
Exhibited:  Feriarte, IFEMA (Madrid, 16-24 November 2019)
Published:  Antiquities, London, Bonhams, September 30th, 2014.
4.500 €
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A thymiaterion is a type of incense or perfume burner used for religious or spiritual purposes in the ceremonies of Classical Antiquity, which spread throughout the Mediterranean reaching peoples such as the Phoenicians or Etruscans.
The central section of the support modelled in the form of a draped female, standing on an integral reel-shaped hollow base, her hands clutching the folds of her himation, her hair dressed in a radiate stephane surmounted by a circular dish with central impression, traces of the original coloured slip remains.
Stylistically, this sculpture represents Greek classicism through the treatment of the cloths that are attached to the body.

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