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Group of 3 Luristan Cast Bronze Ibex, Circa 1000 BC

Conservation:  One has a repaired antler and a small loss from its other antler. The others are intact with rich, dark patina
Material:  Bronze
Dimensions:  4.7 cm x 5.1 cm
Provenance:  East Coast collection, New York Gallery, New York City, New York, USA, acquired before 2010; Artemiss Gallery, Louisville, USA, 2022


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A charming trio of near-identical cast bronze ibexes, each with high, back-curving horns and a short, upright tail. Each ibex looks spritely, as if ready to spring forward, and has a loop on the back of the neck, so they were probably made to be worn as pendants or hung decoratively. The ibex was a sacred figure associated with fertility and virility, and the animals appear frequently in Luristani art. Each is a fine example of the skill of Luristani bronze casters.

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