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Mesopotamian clay cuneiform tablet, Circa 1800 B.C.

Conservation:  Good condition
Material:  Clay
Dimensions:  8 x 5 cm
Provenance:  English Gallery; Spanish Gallery, J.V. Madrid, 2022
Exhibited:  Feriarte, Madrid, 12-20 November 2022


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Mesopotamian tablets are some of the best archaeological evidence we have found relating to Mesopotamia. Writing was for the people a discovery of the gods, so it was considered sacred. The need of the people to regulate their lives, to leave a record of their findings and constructions is what prompted the beginning of writing. On tablets, great constructions, administrative issues and even mythological stories could be captured.

This type of writing is called cuneiform, made in the form of a wedge, and is recognised as one of the oldest forms of writing.


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