Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art is a gallery of ancient art, located in the heart of the city of Malaga.

Its promoter, Vicente Jiménez Ifergan passionate of History and Archeology has assembled one of the best private collections of archeology in Europe, after 30 years of collecting, with more than 300 items of great historical value. He bought his first piece when he was 18 years old, a Roman oil lamp in Jerusalem from the time of Herod.

The main objective of Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art is that all lovers of History, Archeology, collectors or simply those who want to start collecting ancient art now have the possibility to possess a piece of history from our past in their house with options for every Budget.

In this way, at Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art, pieces of museum quality can be acquired, as well as pieces for more modest collections, guaranteeing the authenticity and the maximum quality of all of them.

We offer authentic certified works of art from Prehistory, Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt or Persia. Among them can be found: Greek helmets, Roman glasses, marine amphoras, daggers of Luristan, Egyptian ushabtis and all kinds of others treasures.

Our suppliers are auction houses from all around the world such as Christie’s, Bonhams or Pierre Bergé. That is why we guarantee the quality and authenticity of the pieces with their corresponding certificate of authenticity. In addition, we work with tools such as Thermoluminescence or Carbon 14 tests to certify their age. We also carry out exhaustive research into the provenance and previous ownership of the pieces, as well as making use of  publications, sworn  statements, dated photographs, bills,  customs documents and  insurance policies.

At Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art we have a strict code of ethics. All the pieces comply with the international laws of protection of the historical and cultural heritage of UNESCO and are issued with their Export Certificate, issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Spain. We certify that none of them has been stolen from excavations, architectural monuments, public institutions or private properties.

o As we are dealing with unique pieces, the availability of said pieces to the client is subject to confirmation from Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art once the reception of the request from the client has been verified..

o The cataloguing of the pieces included in their corresponding description has been carried out by Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art in accordance with their professional experience, and after previous investigation and checking against similar pieces catalogued in public collections, private collections or to be found in the art market, and also with the backing of scientific tests that allow the age of the piece to be ascertained, always when such tests can be carried out

o  The customer expressly accepts that the sale made may not be perfected as at the time of receipt of the order the part requested may have been sold by other means than purchase via Internet, without which in this case may be claimed another responsibility to Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art that the refund of the price paid.

o  Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art guarantees the authenticity of the pieces which are offered.

o Each piece sold will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art, and also by any scientific analysis or studies that have been expressly carried out for the said piece, and which have been mentioned previously in the description.

o For questions of privacy, in many of the descriptions of pieces to be found on the webpages, the provenance of the piece on offer is not expressly identified. This provenance, as far as it is known to Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art, will be registered in the data file for the piece which will be given to the purchaser, with the object of guaranteeing its legal provenance and trade.

o Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art reserves the right to use and continue to publish, by any means appropriate to its activity, and without limitation, the images, descriptions and files of any pieces sold by it, expressly consenting to the purchasers of those pieces, for the mere fact of its acquisition and without the need of any express act to that effect, said use.

o The prices set for each piece have a merely informative value in relation to the date on which these have been communicated, and can be freely modified at any time by Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art in accord with any circumstances in the market that could have an influence on these prices.

o The prices set are price per unit for each piece, and include indirect taxes, as well as transport costsand transport insurance (the transport will be carried out by urgent private messenger services or specialized transport.)

o Transportation and insurance costs will be arranged by customet, and will be those that are specifically agreed for each piece and destination between Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art and the client if he decides to hire those services.

o Any other expenses, taxes or customs duties connected to the importation of the piece, which are required under the legislation of the country to which the piece is to be delivered, must be met totally at their own expense by the client.

o We hereby inform clients that sales with destination to other countries, whether or not they are part of the European Union, are subject to the previous acquirement of an export permit issued by the Spanish authorities. Moreover, when the country of destination of the piece is not part of the European Union, Spanish legislation imposes an export tax. Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art, will inform interested parties about this on request.

o In such cases, the obtaining of that export permit and, where appropriate, the payment of the corresponding export taxes, are the direct obligation of the client, and his exclusive account and position. However, you can entrust your management to Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art, who will assume it exclusively under the following conditions:

  • The shipment of the piece will not be verified in any case while the export permit that must accompany it in its transport has not been obtained. For this purpose, the client is informed that the procedure involves a period of four to six weeks as a general rule, although it may last up to a maximum of four months. If the export involves payment of fees, in no case will be processed as long as they have not been anticipated by the customer.
  • In the case that said export permit is denied, the purchase agreement stands null and void, without responsibility falling on either party. Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art will then proceed to refund the client the price paid for the piece, and in the case that this has also been paid in advance, the export tax.

o  The methods of payment are those indicated in the order form:

  • Bank transfer: when the option chosen by the customer is the bank transfer, the sale will not be verified until the transaction of the amount is visible at Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art bank account. If it has not been received after seven calendar days from the date of the purchase, the sale will be without effect and the gallery Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art will be able to offer again freely the piece for sale.
  • For other methods of payment than the above (check, cash, etc.), the client must contact with Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art and seek the express agreement of this.

o The sending or handing over of the piece will, in general, take place within the three days following the receipt of payment, except in cases of agreement between both parties, in which case the client will be informed of the exact date and the means of dispatch. In the case where the country of destination is not Spain, the dispatching of the piece will take place in the same conditions stated, but counting from the receipt of the corresponding export permission issued by the Spanish authorities.

o The delivery schedule will be what has been determined in each case by the transport agency charged with the delivery, and by any material circumstances that could affect this. Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art does not accept any responsibility for delays beyond the expected delivery date.

o Once the shipment has been sent, the tracking number assigned by the transport agency will be provided to the customer, so he can proceed with its monitoring and control.

o As a general rule, and without the need to put forward reasonable cause, the client may return the piece within fifteen calendar days of its reception. The purchase will then be considered annulled, following the instructions received from Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art.  The return of the piece is only possible if the piece is returned by the client in exactly the same condition in which it was received, without any damage, deterioration or loss. Expenses that might be entailed by this return (e.g. transport, insurance, etc.) will be exclusively at the expense of the client.

o In the same manner, and within the same time frame of fifteen calendar days from the receipt of the piece by the client, the latter can proceed to return the piece for a justified cause, and in this case, the expenses will be met by Ifergan Gallery– Ancient Art, which must return to the client the amount paid. It is understood that just cause exists in the following cases:

  •  That the piece received by the client does not correspond to the piece acquired;
  •  That the piece presents important damage or considerable imperfections not described in the sale data file. To this effect, in no case will consideration be given to small chips, knocks, erosion and wear and tear on a small small scale, of the sort inherent to this type of piece for their very nature as archaeological objects, following the custom of the sector where it is accepted that chips, etc., on this small scale are not described in great detail in the sale data file

o In the same way, the client can proceed to return the piece at any moment, and without any time limit, and with the same obligation falling to Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art to proceed to the return of the quantity paid, and also the expenses inherent in this return in the following situations:

  • In the case of a serious error in the cataloguing of a piece, understanding as such, the assigning to a piece to a culture or historic period different to the one to which it should have been ascribed.
  • The properly proven lack of authenticity of a piece, ascertained through scientific analysis or supported by the opinions of recognised international experts.


The main function of Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art is the sale and purchase of archaeological pieces through legal trading.

As sellers, our purpose is to offer pieces of interest to private collectors, as well as public and private institutions, guaranteeing their authenticity and condition, as well as the legal provenance and trade of the piece.

We offer assessment to clients when their purpose is to complete their collections or to furnish additional investment value for the future.


We offer private persons rapid acquisition of their pieces through direct purchase, while at the same time informing potential sellers that it is an indispensable requisite that the licit provenance of the piece should be demonstrable by any means legally valid, and that the seller must be duly and correctly identified.

We can also carry out valuations of complete collections. The fees for this service are established in function of the volume of work that the valuation requires, according to a previously agreed budget. We believe that the work of the assessor is to give an independent, just, precise and real orientation about the value of each piece, without attending to the global value of the collection. That is the reason why we never establish our fees as a percentage of the global value of the collection, but rather base them on the work entailed in its valuation.


Following the acceptance of a quote, we can offer our clients the service of authentication of archaeological pieces by scientific means; tests of thermo luminescence; carbon 14 and metallography testing, all of which are carried out by private laboratories of recognised prestige and international credibility, recognised by antiquarians, gallery owners, auction houses, museums and experts.


Following the acceptance of a quote for the service, we can offer clients and collectors, as well as institutions, the possibility to have pieces in their property restored by experts expressly trained in restoration. If clients request it, we can provide them with a record of the intervention on the pieces backed up with a photographic report.

Obviously, the gallery Ifergan Gallery – Ancient Art guarantees the authenticity of all the pieces on offer both in its webpages and physically to be found in the gallery.

Authenticity is one of the main problems to be found in the art market as a whole.  While the market for (archaeological) ancient art and objects of an historical nature for collection makes up a relatively small part of the art market in general, there are many falsifications to be found in the market, most of which are offered for on-line sale and can also be found on offer in other places without great difficulty. Discovering if a dealer is a serious person – one to be trusted and respected in the sector as well as by fellow gallery owners – is difficult on first contact.

Our pieces come entirely from the most renowned auction houses around the world such as Christie’s, Bonhams or Pierre Bergé, as well as the most prestigious international galleries. Therefore, the quality and authenticity of the pieces is guaranteed, providing each with its corresponding certificate of authenticity. In addition, we work with tools such as Thermoluminescence or Carbon 14 tests to certify their age.


In accordance with article 10 of the Spanish law 34/2002 of the 11th of June on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we make the following information available to you:

The Ifergan Gallery S.L. has a registered address in Calle Siete Colores no. 9, portal no. 2 bajo C with Tax Id no. B92713536, registered in the Registry of Companies of Malaga no. 5, Volume 3995, Book 2909, Folio 77 and Page MA-82717. There are a number of informative details regarding the activity of Ifergan Collection exhibition space on www.ifergan-collection.com

Its main objective is to offer the clients and the general public information regarding the company, its products and the services it offers.


In compliance with the provisions of the Spanish organic law 15/1999 of the 13th of December on the Protection of Personal Data, we would like to inform you that all the information you provide to us will be incorporated into a file, created and maintained under the responsibility of the Ifergan Gallery S.L.

We will always respect the confidentiality of your personal information, which will only be used in order to manage the services provided, meet your requests, perform administrative tasks, as well as send technical, commercial or advertising information via mail or electronically.

In order to exercise your opposition, modification or cancellation rights you shall go to our headquarters located at Calle Siete Colores no. 9, portal 2, Bajo C, or write to the following e-mail address: info@ifergangallery.es or call us at +34951937341.


The terms of access and use of this website are governed by the current legislation and by the good faith principle, understanding that the user will make good use of the website. Behaviour that attempts against the law, the rights and the interests of others are strictly prohibited.

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Any type of notification or claim will only be valid by written notification or certified mail.


The Ifergan Gallery S.L. is not responsible for the information and content inside the forums, social media and any other means that allows third parties to publish content independently of the provider’s webpage.

However, in conformance with articles 11 and 16 of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce law , the Ifergan Gallery S.L. undertakes to eliminate or block content which could affect or defy the national or international legislation, third party’s rights and moral and public order.

The company will also be held harmless from damages that could be caused as a result of fails or wrong configurations of the software installed in the computer of the internaut. All responsibility due to a technical incidence or failure that could be produced when a user is connected to the internet is excluded. Likewise, the absence of interruptions or errors when entering the webpage is not guaranteed.

Furthermore, Ifergan Gallery S.L. reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained inside its webpage, as well as its configuration or services, at any moment without assuming any responsibility for it.

You are informed that any admission fee that you may find in our website is merely indicative.


The Ifergan Gallery, S.L. owns all the rights over the software of the digital publication as well as the industrial and intellectual property referring to the content they include, except for the rights of the public products and services that are not owned by this company.

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All the products and services in these pages which are NOT property of the Ifergan Gallery S.L. are trademarks of their respective owners and are recognized as such by our company. They only appear on the www.ifergan-collection.com webpage for promotional and collection of information purposes. These owners can request the modification or elimination of the information they own.


The general conditions herein are governed by the Spanish legislation. Any dispute that might arise related to the webpage or the activity developed in shall be settled by the competent Courts of Malaga and the user expressly renounces to any their corresponding jurisdiction.


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