Egyptian Faience very fine ushabti of Tius, Late Period, 27th-30th Dinasty, 525-341 BC

On the body there are nine horizontal hieroglyphic writing registers, which are given to a dorsal column with no inscription. And the whole figure is supported by a small plinth that elevates it. Translation of the text: 'May the Osiris of Tius be enlightened, justified. Born of Tayderek, justified. He says: Oh! these ushebtis. If I am required. The Osiris of Tius, to do all the works to be done in the Hereafter, Here am I! Thou shalt say, to pull down the obstacles, to cultivate the fields, to irrigate the riparian lands, and to transport the sand from west to east and vice versa. here am I! you shall say."


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