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Egyptian statuette of Thoth, Late Period-Ptolemaic Period, 664-30 BC

Conservation:  Repaired
Material:  Bronze
Dimensions:  17 cm high including stand; 470 gr.
Provenance:  French collection, 1990s-early 2000s. with Thierry de Maigret, Paris, auction 13882, lot 121. From an important Parisian gallery, France. Ex private Paris collection; Auction, UK, November 2022


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Statue depicting the ibis-headed god Thoth in a striding pose, left leg positioned in front of the right, right arm held straight by his side, left arm bent at the shoulder and extended forwards, both hands held in gripping fists; the god wearing a wig and kilt.

The ibis was an object of religious veneration in ancient Egypt and was associated with the deity Thoth, who was responsible for wisdom, knowledge, writing, mathematics, measurement and time, as well as the moon and magic, and was one of the three most important divinities in the Egyptian pantheon.

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