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Egyptian ushabti with daily dress, New Kingdom, XIX Dynasty, 1292-1185 B.C.

Conservation:  Restored by covering a broken line at the wrists. There is wear to the black paint on the face, wig and skirt, otherwise in a good state of preservation.
Material:  Faience
Dimensions:  16 cm high
Provenance:  Private collection M.R., England, acquired in 1975 / Archaeological Gallery, Spain, 2015
Exhibited:  Ifergan Collection, Málaga (2018-2020)


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This ushabti figure is depicted as a man in a newspaper dress. On the head and in black he has the double wig, a smooth wig on the back and front, but wavy in the two locks resting on the shoulders. In this case, as in many other examples, these undulations are embossed. The facial details, although some lost, have also been highlighted in black. The hands joined to the height of the pubis, they join forming a V with their arms. The daily clothing, with which it is represented, is much more unusual, as the vast majority of ushabtis were modeled mummiform type, with the body wrapped in a shroud. This one is characterized by being of short sleeve, and to have a triangular skirt in the frontal part of the legs.

On the back of the ushebti, at the level of the legs, there are four horizontal registers of hieroglyphic writing in black. Unfortunately, some of the text has been lost, making it difficult to translate.

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