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Ferrari Caravan

Ifergan Collection and Club Ferrari Malaga join forces to create this exhibition in order to raise funds for the La Lagunilla Association.

Early in the morning, the engines of more than twenty Ferraris began to roar as they entered the city around 11:30 am, crossing the main streets and arriving at Muelle Uno, where they caused great expectation on their arrival. These real jewels on four wheels are a spectacle, especially when you see more than a dozen arriving at the same time and parking little by little under the Malaga street lamp, creating a unique scene that no one wanted to miss. Hundreds of people with astonished looks and mobile phones in hand, waited for the arrival to immortalise the moment and be able to look at them carefully. The red ones are undoubtedly a classic, but there was also a white one and a yellow one, which were the most popular ones.

And all this with a purpose, to raise funds for the La Lagunilla Association.

It all starts from the idea of the Malaga businessman, Vicente Jiménez Ifergan, owner of one of the most important Phoenician collections in Europe and which is located in Malaga. His friendship with Curro López, of the Asociación La Lagunilla led him to collaborate with them during the pandemic and to devise an action that could raise more funds and promote it.

That’s how this idea came about, as Vicente Jiménez Ifergan is a member of Club Ferrari España.

All said and done, today this action has been carried out, where all the members of the Club who have participated have made a donation to the Association and also contributed to spread the word about the importance of helping this Association that distributes food and basic necessities to nearly 2,000 families in Malaga, mainly from Cruz Verde.

The event has been a great success and the organisation hopes that more donations will continue to arrive to help these families. The Ifergan Collection will continue to support these families, in addition to continuing to care for such an important collection that will soon be accompanied by an important documentary series on the Phoenician Route, a production that Vicente Jiménez Ifergan is currently carrying out, so he could not be present at the event.

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