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Egyptian Faience Shabti with Hieroglyphic Text, 7th-1st Century B.C

Conservation:  Good condition
Material:  Faience
Dimensions:  19.5 cm high
Provenance:  Acquired early 1990s.Ex private American collection; thence by descent.Private Swiss collection since 1998; Acquired at auction, UK, February 2023


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A glazed composition shabti with square base and plain dorsal pillar, tripartite wig and false beard, arms folded across the chest holding agricultural tools and a seed bag to the left shoulder; nine horizontal bands of worn hieroglyphic text from Chapter Six of the Book of the Dead to the lower body.

The ushebtis are small mummiform figurines that represented the deceased himself, whose name means “those who respond”, as they would carry out the work ordered by their lord in the afterlife.

The ancient Egyptians believed in the magic of sculptures and words, so for them these magical figures would accompany them to their eternal life and once there they would come to life and serve them faithfully.

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