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Greek Canosan terracotta horses, 300 B.C.

Conservation:  Restored; damaged tail
Material:  Terracotta
Dimensions:  25 x 27 cm
Provenance:  UK private Collection, acquired from Mansour Gallery, London, in the 1980s / Bonhams London, Auction, 2014
Documents:  Thermoluminiscence test
Exhibited:  Feriarte, IFEMA (Madrid, 16-24 November 2019)
Published:  Antiquities, London, Bonhams, September 30th, 2014.


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This pair of horses modelled in terracotta is a magnificent example of Hellenistic art that seeks to give the sculpture a great dynamism, so there are horses that seem to be in movement.
They are pieces that have a great detail that can be appreciated in the physiognomy of the animal as well as in the ropes and accessories that decorate the head of the horse.
These pieces seem to be part of a sculpture with a carriage or with another larger piece, as the horse is standing with its legs raised as a sign of running. There are still remains of polychrome.

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