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Holy Land (Canaanite) Bronze figure depicting the god Baal, Circa 1500-1200 BC

Conservation:  Good condition
Material:  Bronze
Dimensions:  27,5 x 5 cm
Provenance:  Aphrodite Ancient Art, New York, 2017
Exhibited:  Ifergan Collection, Málaga (2018-2020)


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This bronze figure depicts Baal, god of fertility and crops, capable of producing crops and reproducing people. He is a powerful and destructive god as well as a generator of life, so it was essential to contain the god’s wrath and keep him happy. This god required certain cults, some associated with sexuality within the temples and others by means of human and animal sacrifices. In this case, this figure would be one of the ways of worshipping this god to calm his anger.

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